Parting Thoughts

This project took its time, and the process was a lot more involved than I had originally anticipated.

The spool tapes were converted to cassette tape format, which were burnt on CDs as mp3. All this was done by Manohar Mama, who spent quite a bit of time, efforts and money to take his collection to this level.

In 2021, I extracted the tracks from the CDs. This year, I made some enhancements to improve the quality, and uploaded for your listening pleasure. The metadata (title, description, venue and year of recording as available) was also added. Uploading the tracks, creating the web pages... took about a week's time, and I still consider this a work in progress. But the core of the project- bringing the amazing vocals to your ears- I believe has been completed. I am sure Manohar Mama would have approved. 


-Amar, cofounder, gaathastory

gaathastory podcasts

Listen to all the podcasts published by gaathastory ! Baalgatha, Devgatha, Veergatha ,Fairytales of India, MyKitaab, and many more.

Baalgatha is podcast of Children's stories, and is available in 6 languages- English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu.

Fairytales of India (English), also known as Parikatha in Hindi and Kannada, beings to you classic fairytales .

Veergatha brings to you stories of bravery and valour, and is available in English,Hindi and Kannada.

Devgatha is Mythology in a new avatar, available in English and Hindi.


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